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🌟✨ Enhance the beauty of your Christmas tree with these 12 exquisite Coco Christmas spheres. Inspired by Mexican art, these craft designs are sure to bring a touch of cultural charm to your holiday decor. Each sphere is meticulously crafted with love, using high-quality materials including polystyrene, foam, and acrylic paints.

🎄❄️ These Christmas balls measure 3.93 inches (10 cm) in diameter, making them the perfect size for adorning your Christmas tree. Let the vibrant colors and intricate details of these spheres create a festive and joyful atmosphere in your home during the holiday season.

🥰❤️ These designs are a labor of love, crafted with attention to detail and a passion for Mexican art. Each sphere showcases the creativity and craftsmanship that is deeply rooted in Mexican culture.

✅📦 Order with confidence, knowing that your Christmas spheres will be carefully packed for safe delivery.✅

🎁📦 Each set of spheres is sent in a box, ensuring that they arrive in pristine condition.✅

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🎁🎀 If desired, we can wrap your spheres in special gift packaging. Please notify us during the ordering process.✅

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