Handmade Talavera Pottery Cappuccino Cup and Wooden Spoon Set, Customizable Lead-Free Ceramic Thermos - Perfect for Mexican Coffee Lovers

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Materials: Ceramic
Capacity: 290 milliliters

Experience the rich tradition of Mexican craftsmanship with this Talavera Pottery Cappuccino Cup and Wooden Spoon Set. Handmade with quality materials, this ceramic thermos is an authentic piece of art that adds a touch of Mexico to your daily coffee routine.

The cup is of impressive height standing at 3.93”, has a capacity of 290ml, and comes with a plastic lid to keep your drinks at the ideal temperature. The set includes a handcrafted wooden spoon, adding a unique, rustic touch. You can personalize the cup by choosing the colors and characters to truly make it your own.

Microwave and dishwasher safe, this cappuccino cup is not just a beautiful piece of pottery, but also practical for daily use. If you’re interested in adding a name, visit the section for personalized mugs on our Etsy shop or contact us directly for mug personalization items.

Created using ancestral techniques, these high-quality thermoses help to conserve the environment as there’s no need for disposable plastics. Each order is packed carefully and shipped in a box. Priority shipping takes 3-5 business days, with express options available for an additional charge. Add a special dedication or gift wrapping for a personal touch.

Puebla Talavera:

The craft of Puebla Talavera dates back to the 16th century, a tradition initiated by Spanish colonizers. The production process includes shaping the pieces by hand, firing at high temperatures, and painting with mineral-based pigments. Covered with a lead-free glaze, the pottery is fired again to create a durable, water-resistant finish. Known for intricate designs and bright colors, this pottery, protected by Mexican government as a Designation of Origin (PDO), continues to be crafted by skilled artisans, preserving this significant Mexican art form for future generations.

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