🔸Mayan Majesty: A Mosaic of Myth and Time🔸

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Materials: Resin
Width: 13.5 inches
Height: 13.5 inches

Ancient Echoes in Every Detail: Bring home a fragment of the rich Mayan heritage, intricately captured in this detailed piece.

Celestial and Terrestrial Collide: Mayan Wall Art

Key Features:
🌏 Material: Crafted from resilient and lasting resin.
🎨 Color: The neutral beige imbues an earthy feel, evoking a sense of timelessness.
📏 Measurements: With a 13.5″ diameter, it commands attention in any space.

Artistic Impression:
Journey through the heart of Mayan civilization with this piece. At the center, experience the intensity of the ball game – a sport intertwined with Mayan cosmology. Above, the visage of Quetzalcoatl offers divine oversight, while the frame showcases the intricacies of the Mayan calendar – an astronomical and mathematical marvel.

Special Mention:
Given its handcrafted nature, subtle variations in color may be present, ensuring that every piece is a unique specimen.

Service & Support:
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Revel in the grandeur of Mayan culture, captured exquisitely for the modern home.

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