Authentic Huichol Yarn Painting, 47.24" x 23.62", Mexican Wall Art, Abstract Painting, Unique Wixarika Culture Home Decor

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Materials: wood, bee wax, yarn
Width: 47.24 inches
Height: 23.62 inches

Immerse yourself in the richness of Wixarika (Huichol) culture with our captivating Huichol Yarn Painting. This impressive 47.24″ x 23.62″ piece serves not just as stunning Mexican wall art but as a vibrant reflection of traditional Mexican folk art.


🔸 A large abstract painting, perfect for adding a distinctive touch to your home decor

🔸 Size: 47.24” x 23.62”, ideal for creating a focal point in any room

🔸 Skillfully crafted using various colored yarns, wood, and beeswax glue

🔸 Designs inspired by the profound symbolism in Huichol art

Journey Into the Heart of Huichol Art: Huichol art is the embodiment of age-old traditions. The Huichol shamans visualize these intricate images during sacred rituals involving the consumption of Peyote (hikuri), a sacred cactus. Every piece is rich with symbolic motifs and narratives from Huichol culture and legends, providing a unique insight into their fascinating cosmogony.

The Art of Creation: Each artwork begins with a wooden base, which is completely covered in beeswax. The artist painstakingly affixes each strand of yarn until the painting is complete, revealing a variety of symbols and designs representative of their vibrant culture and traditions.

Care Instructions: To maintain the color of the yarns and prevent the beeswax glue from melting, avoid exposing this artwork to direct sunlight or heat. Clean gently with a soft brush or with compressed air.

Note: As each painting is handmade upon purchase, you may notice slight differences in patterns from the images shown.

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Bring a piece of Mexican culture into your home with our Huichol Yarn Painting!

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