Alebrijes: A Rainbow of Myths and Fantasy

Alebrijes: A Rainbow of Myths and Fantasy

Dive into the vibrant world of alebrijes and uncover the rich history behind these colourful creatures.

Alebrijes are more than mere colourful figures. They symbolize dreams, myths, and the boundless imagination of the Mexican spirit. With their eye-catching hues and whimsical shapes, each alebrije has a unique tale to share.

Origins of the Alebrijes

The tale of alebrijes traces back to Mexico City in 1936. Pedro Linares, a cardboard craftsman, fell ill and dreamt of a strange land where fantastical creatures chanted the word “alebrijes”. Upon waking, Linares brought these dreamt creatures to life using papier-mâché.

  • Inspired by Dreams: The inception of alebrijes stemmed from the dream world, a testament to the magic of the human subconscious.

  • A Mix of Various Animals: Alebrijes often combine features from different creatures, resulting in a fantastical being limited only by the artist’s imagination.

  • An Art Popularized in Oaxaca: While originating in Mexico City, the art of crafting alebrijes flourished in Oaxaca, where artisans added their unique touch.

Symbolism and Colour in Alebrijes

Every shade on an alebrije carries a meaning. Red might symbolize life, blue represents water and sky, while green often stands for the earth. Beyond being a visual treat, they are steeped in profound cultural symbolism.

  • Vibrant and Meaningful Colours: The brilliant colours of alebrijes are carefully chosen, embodying the spirit and emotions the artist wishes to convey.

  • Representations of Natural and Spiritual Elements: Alebrijes often intertwine elements from nature and spiritual beliefs, creating a tapestry of cultural narratives.

  • A Reflection of Mexico’s Rich Cultural Diversity: With their myriad forms and hues, alebrijes encapsulate the diverse heritage and vibrant soul of Mexico.

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Alebrijes transcend being mere figures. They echo a culture drenched in history, tradition, and vibrancy. Acquiring an alebrije means bringing home not just an artwork but a fragment of the Mexican soul.

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