Stunning Huichol Eagle Sculpture - Handcrafted Mexican Wixarika Art - Beaded Resin Figurine for Home Decor

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Materials: resin, beads
Width: 11.81 inches
Height: 15.74 inches

Embrace the beauty and mystique of Mexican folk art with this breathtaking Huichol Eagle sculpture. Handcrafted by skilled indigenous Mexican artisans, this beaded resin figurine is a unique and captivating piece of Wixarika art that will add a touch of magic to your home or office.

🇲🇽 Authentic Huichol (Wixarika) Art

🦅 Majestic Eagle Sculpture

🎨 Beaded design with vibrant colors

📏 Dimensions: Height: 15.74 inches, Width: 11.81 inches

🏺 Handmade in Mexico


This mesmerizing eagle figurine is sure to become a conversation starter in your space. Its intricate beaded design and vivid colors showcase the incredible craftsmanship and mystical symbolism of Huichol art.


The Wixarika people, or Huicholes, are an indigenous community from the western center of Mexico. Their art, deeply rooted in spiritual experiences, incorporates vibrant colors and shapes inspired by their connection to the sacred peyote cactus.


Huichol art is often linked to spiritual and mystical themes. This eagle sculpture will bring a sense of wonder and intrigue to your home or office, whether displayed on a wall or a tabletop.


We carefully pack each Huichol eagle sculpture to ensure its safe arrival. Please note that the colors and patterns may vary slightly from the images, as each piece is unique and handmade.


Feel free to reach out with any questions – we usually respond in under an hour! 😊

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