Prehispanic Wooden Mask 🗿, Mayan Culture 🌎, Mexican Wall Art 🎨, Hand Carved ✋ ASK FOR CUSTOMIZE

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Materials: wood

Height: 15.74 inches


Product Details: This Wooden Mask, inspired by Mayan culture and Mexican art, is a perfect piece to add a historic touch to your space.


  • Material: Cedar Wood 🪵
  • Dimensions: Approximately 15.74″ tall
  • Quality Design: Excellent craftsmanship by Mexican artisans
  • Mount: Suitable for wall decoration

IMPORTANT NOTE 📌: All sculptures are handmade upon purchase. Thus, you may note minor differences in patterns from pictures shown, making each piece unique and special.

About the Mayan Masks: In ancient Mayan civilization, masks were considered significant cultural artifacts. They believed that these masks could transform the wearer into a deity or ancestor, and were thus used in various rituals, ceremonies, and performances. Made from materials like stone, wood, shell, and jade, these masks often showcased intricate patterns, symbols, and vibrant colors. Today, they remain a vital part of Mayan culture, used in traditional ceremonies and festivals.

Additional Information:

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