Prehispanic Wooden Mask 🎭, Mayan Culture 🗿, Mexican Wall Art 🖼️, Hand Carved 🪵 ASK FOR CUSTOMIZE

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Height: 15.74 inches

🔨 Customization: Yes, customization available upon request.

Product Details: This item is a wooden mask 🎭, inspired by Mayan culture 🗿 and can be a unique piece of Mexican wall art 🖼️. Each mask is hand-carved 🪓 by experienced Mexican artisans.

IMPORTANT NOTE 📌: All sculptures are handmade upon your purchase. As such, you may note minor differences in patterns from the pictures shown.

Article Characteristics:

  • Material: Cedar wood 🌳
  • Dimensions: Approximately 15.74″ tall
  • Quality: Excellent craftsmanship
  • Origin: Hand-carved 🪓 by Mexican artisans

Cultural Significance 📜: Prehispanic Maya masks were integral to ancient Maya civilization. They were believed to transform the wearer into a deity or ancestor and were used in various rituals, ceremonies, and performances. Even today, they are often used in traditional ceremonies and festivals, retaining their cultural importance.

Installation 🏡: These masks can be adorned on walls or smooth surfaces.

Purchasing Details:

  • Packaging 📦: We will carefully pack your order.
  • Shipping 🚚: Express shipping is available for an additional charge.
  • Special Dedication 💌: You can send this with a special dedication.
  • Gift Wrapping 🎁: This can be sent with special wrapping as a gift, please specify.
  • Customer Service 📞: For any queries, we usually respond in less than an hour.

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