Kitty Cat Huichol Statue - Mexican Folk Art / Wixarika - Handcrafted Resin & Bead Sculpture for Home Decor

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Materials: beads, resin

Adorn your home with the charm and vibrant colors of this Kitty Cat Huichol statue, a delightful representation of Mexican folk art and Wixarika culture. Lovingly handcrafted by indigenous Mexican artisans, this decorative figure adds a touch of artistic heritage to your space.

🐱 Kitty Cat Statue

🎨 Wixarika Huichol Art

📏 Size: 2” wide, 2.5” long, 5.3” tall

Item details:

  • Materials: Chaquiras (beads), resin sculpture, and Campeche wax
  • Manufacturing process: Campeche wax evenly dispersed on resin sculpture as adhesive for beads

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Wixárika Huichol bead art is a traditional art form practiced by the Wixárika people of western Mexico. It involves applying small glass or plastic beads to a surface, such as a wooden or gourd object, using beeswax or resin as an adhesive. The designs are highly symbolic, reflecting the cosmology and spiritual beliefs of the Wixárika people, with common motifs including the sun, moon, stars, and sacred animals.

The art form is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and has gained international recognition. However, the commercialization of Wixárika bead art has led to issues of cultural appropriation and exploitation. It’s crucial to support and acknowledge the Wixárika people who originated this beautiful art form.

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