Huichol Yarn Painting - Mexican Wall Art - Wixarika Culture - Abstract Design, 16" X 16"

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Materials: yarn, bee wax, wood
Width: 16 inches
Height: 16 inches

Experience the authentic tradition of the Wixarika people through our Huichol yarn painting. This striking piece of Mexican wall art, made entirely by hand, features abstract designs inspired by the visions of Huichol shamans.

🎨 Huichol Yarn Art – Mexican Painting

🌌 Abstract Motifs Inspired by Huichol Art

📏 Dimensions: 16″ x 16″

Product Details:

Materials: Multicolored yarns, wood, beeswax glue Manufacturing process: The artist covers a wooden board with beeswax, then carefully places each thread of yarn until the artwork is complete, creating a unique composition representative of Huichol culture and tradition.

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MAINTENANCE: To prevent discoloration of the yarns, do not expose this piece to direct sunlight or heat. Clean gently with a soft brush or use air only.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Each painting is made by hand upon order and there may be minor differences in patterns compared to the images shown.

Got any questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out, we typically respond within an hour! 😀

About Huichol Art:

Huichol art originates from an ancient tradition where Huichol shamans visually transcribe their divine visions that occur through the ingestion of their sacred cactus, Peyote. Each work carries symbolic motifs, tales from Huichol culture, and Huichol cosmogonic legends, providing a window into Huichol society.

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