Huichol Thread Painting - Mexican Wall Art, 47.24 x 23.62 inch, Diamond Quality, Handcrafted by Huichol Art Xitacame, Traditional Mexican Decoration

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Experience the enchantment of Huichol culture with our diamond quality, 47.24 x 23.62 inch Huichol Thread Painting. This handmade Mexican wall art piece brings the mystic beauty of indigenous Huichol designs to your space, offering a unique and inspiring addition to your home decor.

Product Highlights:

🌟 Handcrafted Mexican wall art

🌟 Size: 47.24 x 23.62 inches

🌟 Made with thread (yarn)

🌟 Authentic Huichol handicrafts

Huichol art originates from an age-old tradition, transcribing the images visualized by Huichol shamans during their sacred Peyote (hikuri) rituals into physical art. Each piece showcases symbolic motifs, stories of Huichol culture, and legends of their cosmogony, providing a panorama of the Huichol society.

Huichol yarn paintings are vibrant, multicolored works, where yarn is affixed with beeswax to express the visions experienced by the Huichols during their rituals. This Mesoamerican ethnic group explores deep mythological themes in their artwork, reflecting the pre-Columbian shamanic traditions guiding Huichol culture.

ELABORATION TECHNIQUE: The artist places beeswax on a board, covering it entirely, then adheres strands of yarn one by one, creating diverse drawings and symbols representative of their culture and traditions.

MAINTENANCE: To avoid discoloration of the threads and melting of the beeswax adhesive, don’t expose this piece directly to heat or light. Clean with a delicate brush or use air only.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Each painting is uniquely handmade upon purchase. As a result, you may notice minor differences in patterns from the images shown.

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🎁 Gift Wrapping: Available upon request

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