Huichol Art Turtle Statue, Wixarika Beaded Sculpture, Authentic Mexican Folk Art, Decorative Resin Turtle Figure

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Materials: Beads, Resin
Width: 3.93 inches
Height: 3.93 inches

🐢 Bring the charm of Mexican Folk Art into your home with our “Turtle” Huichol Sculpture. Expertly handcrafted by indigenous Wixárika artisans, this turtle figurine symbolizes the rich tapestry of Wixárika art and culture.

📏 Measuring 7″ wide, 7″ long, and 2.5″ tall, this decorative turtle serves as a subtle yet impactful piece of home decor.

Key Features: 🇲🇽 Authentic Mexican Art: Each piece is 100% Mexican, handcrafted with the utmost dedication by indigenous artisans.

🎨 Unique Design: The sculpture involves the technique of affixing crystal micro beads onto resin, creating vibrant patterns that reflect the cosmology and spiritual beliefs of the Wixárika people.

🎁 Personal Touch: The option to send this piece with a special dedication or in special gift wrapping is available.

📦 We ensure meticulous packing for each order. For expedited delivery, express shipping is available at an additional charge.

💬 Questions? Feel free to ask! We typically respond within an hour.

🔍 Please note: Wixárika Huichol bead art is a labor-intensive craft, and each piece requires hours or even days to complete. By purchasing, you’re supporting the Wixárika people and helping to preserve this unique art form.

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