Hand-Carved Alebrije Dog Statue: Authentic Mexican Folk Art for Unique Home Decor

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Materials: Medium: Wood
Width: 1.5 inches
Height: 4.8 inches
Depth: 4 inches

Brighten up your space with the vibrancy of Mexico’s artistic spirit embodied in this custom-made Alebrije Dog Statue. Born from the heart of Oaxaca, this unique piece of folk art captures the innovative soul of its indigenous artisans.

🎨 Hand-carved from copal wood

🌈 Painted with an explosion of colors

📏 Dimensions: 2.2” wide, 6.5” long, 6” tall

Alebrijes are fantastical creatures native to Mexico, often composed of different animals’ features to form an incredible being. This Dog Alebrije, made from the carpentry technique, is a testament to the creative flair of Oaxaca’s ancestral traditions, guaranteed to captivate and bring an original touch of Mexican decor to your home.

🇲🇽 Authentically made in Oaxaca, Mexico by native artisans

🌳 Carved from copal wood, known for its fragrance and durability

🌈 Hand-painted with vibrant colors, each piece is unique

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