Diamond Quality Mexico Huichol Thread Painting, 47.24" x 23.62", by Huichol Art Xitacame, Mexican Decoration, Authentic Mexican Wall Art

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Handmade item, Mexican wall art
Measure: 120 cm x 60 cm (47.24 “x 23.62”)
Made with thread (yarn)
Huichol handicrafts

Introduce your home to the exquisite beauty of our Diamond Quality Mexico Huichol Thread Painting, a unique Mexican wall art piece that encapsulates the rich culture and traditions of the Huichol people. Measuring 47.24″ x 23.62″, this handmade item is a symbol of the vibrant spirit of Huichol handicrafts.

Product Details:

🎨 Handcrafted thread (yarn) painting

🎨 Measurements: 120 cm x 60 cm (47.24″ x 23.62″)

🎨 Authentic Huichol craftsmanship

Origin of Huichol Art: Huichol art finds its roots in an ancestral tradition, the transcription of images visualized by the Huichol shamans following the ingestion of Peyote (hikuri), their sacred cactus. This spiritual journey allows them to cross the threshold of the unknown and connect with the divine. Each artwork carries symbolic motifs and stories from Huichol culture and cosmogonic legends, offering a glimpse into the intriguing world of Huichol society.

Elaboration Technique: The Huichol artist begins by applying beeswax to the entire piece of wood. Then, individual threads of yarn are meticulously glued until the painting is complete. The artwork features various drawings and symbols that represent their culture and traditions.

Maintenance: To maintain the vibrancy of the threads, refrain from exposing this piece to direct heat or light, as this can cause the Campeche wax (beeswax) adhesive to melt. Cleaning should be done exclusively with a delicate brush or air.

Experience the enchanting allure of deep Mexico through the eyes of the Huichol indigenous people. This remarkable piece of wall art is a tribute to the pre-Columbian shamanic traditions and the Huichol’s reverence for jicuri (peyote), central to their ritualistic practices.

Immerse your space in the captivating mystique of this Mesoamerican ethnic group. Each thread painting narrates the intricate mythological themes that guide the Huichol culture and shines a light on their historic past.

Add a touch of authentic Mexican craftsmanship to your home decor with our Diamond Quality Mexico Huichol Thread Painting. Its cultural significance and artistic beauty make it an exceptional addition to any interior.

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