🪶 Mayan Artistry: The Ball Game and Quetzalcoatl

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Materials: wood
Width: 13.77 inches
Height: 27.55 inches

Experience a vibrant depiction of Mayan heritage with this intricately designed painting. Inspired by the renowned “Pokolpok” ball game and the legendary serpent deity, Quetzalcoatl, this piece captures the essence of Mayan culture and history.


🎨 Inspiration: Prehispanic Mayan art, ball game, and Quetzalcoatl.
🌲 Material: Premium Red Cedar Wood.
📐 Dimensions: 27.55” long x 13.77” high.
🖌 Finish: Smooth varnish painting.
🔗 Mounting: Comes equipped with a sturdy hook for wall display.
Historical Context:
The “Pokolpok” ball game, recognized as a precursor to modern soccer, stands as one of the world’s most ancient team sports. Played with rubber balls crafted from tree sap, teams would aim to pass the ball through court hoops using permitted body parts – hips, shoulders, and elbows. This painting not only illustrates the game but also intertwines the symbolic Mayan calendar and the snake emblem, representing health and fortune.

Personal touches welcomed. Collaborate with our artisans for a customized representation that speaks to you.

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