🗿 Mayan Mask Hand-Carved Wooden - Prehispanic Art - Mexican Wall Decoration - Customizable 🎭

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Materials: wood

Height: 12 inches

Delve into the profound history and rich tradition of Mayan culture with our customizable, hand-carved wooden Mayan mask. Skilfully crafted by adept Mexican artisans, this artifact is a unique piece of art that adds historical and cultural depth to any space.

Product details:

Material: High-Quality Cedar Wood
Dimensions: Approximately 12” Tall
Quality Design: Hand-carved by experienced Mexican artisans
Customizable: Ask for personalized details
In ancient Mayan civilization, masks held an integral role. The Mayans believed that these masks could transform the wearer into a deity or ancestor, thus becoming central elements in rituals, ceremonies, and performances.

Mayan masks, traditionally made from materials including stone, wood, shell, and jade, were often highly detailed. They depicted supernatural beings, animals, or human faces with exaggerated features and were decorated with intricate patterns, symbols, and vibrant colors, which added to their cultural significance.

Today, Mayan masks continue to retain their cultural value, playing a crucial role in traditional ceremonies and festivals. Our hand-carved wooden Mayan mask lets you incorporate a piece of this rich tradition into your own space. Whether on a wall or smooth surface, this piece is bound to attract attention.

For any personalized request, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can help you create a truly unique artifact for your space.

Note: We carefully pack all our fragile products with special materials to ensure their safe arrival. If there is any issue with your package, please contact us immediately to resolve it.

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