🗿🎭 Prehispanic Wooden Mask - Mayan Culture - Hand-Carved Mexican Wall Art - Customizable Upon Request 🇲🇽🎨

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Materials: wood

Width: 4 inches
Height: 6 inches

Dive into the cultural richness of the ancient Mayan civilization with this intricately hand-carved wooden mask. Expertly crafted by skilled Mexican artisans from cedar wood, this mask symbolizes an important aspect of the Mayan tradition and artistic heritage. Perfect for wall decor, altar adornment, or as a significant element in ceremonies and festivals, it stands as an enthralling testament to cultural history. 🏡🌄

ASK FOR CUSTOMIZATION! We’re more than delighted to tailor the mask according to your preferences!


🙌🎨 Hand-carved by skilled Mexican artisans

Material: Cedar wood
Dimensions: Approximately 6″ tall and 4″ wide
Design: Traditional Mayan Mask
Masks held a pivotal role in the ancient Maya civilization. Believed to endow the wearer with the power to transform into a deity or ancestor, they were used in numerous rituals, ceremonies, and performances. Made from a variety of materials such as stone, wood, shell, or jade, Mayan masks are celebrated for their intricate details, often depicting supernatural beings, animals, or human faces with exaggerated features. Adorned with complex patterns, symbols, and colors, these masks continue to occupy a central place in contemporary Maya culture, frequently seen in traditional ceremonies and festivals. 🎭👺

Every mask we craft is unique, leading to minor variations in design and patterns compared to the item shown, rendering each piece truly unique and special. 👨‍🎨✋

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