🔺 Aztec Mask, Teotihuacan Funerary Mask, Mosaic Mask - 🎭 Authentic Mexican Cultural Sculpture

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Materials: Medium: Stone
Width: 6.29 inches
Height: 8.26 inches

Discover the rich history of Mexico with our 🔺 “Aztec Mask, Teotihuacan Funerary Mask, Mosaic Mask”.

💫 This intricately hand-carved piece, made from quality Onyx, is not just a decorative item but a symbol of ancient civilization and their beliefs.💫

Key Features:

🎨 Material: High-quality Onyx
📏 Dimensions: 8.26” high x 6.29” long
🔨 Hand-carved by Mexican artisans into an intricate mosaic mask
💫 Represents a crucial element of Mexican pre-Hispanic culture, believed to guide the departed to the afterlife

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This Teotihuacan mask will add a mystical charm to your home, fascinating all your guests! 🌟

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