🔸Mayan Mystique: The Cycles of Time🔸

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Materials: Wood
Width: 15.74 inches
Height: 15.74 inches

The Spiritual Timepiece of the Mayans: Introducing a masterpiece that unearths the profound depth of Mayan culture and their intricate understanding of time.

A Glimpse into the Mayan Universe: A Dance of Days and Nights

Key Features:
🌳 Material: Meticulously hand-carved from the aromatic Red Cedar, narrating tales from a bygone civilization.
🔍 Design: A 3D Wood Carving tour de force, carefully sculpted by renowned Mexican artisans, echoing whispers of ancient Mesoamerica.
📏 Dimensions: Boasting a 15.74” diameter, this piece is a statement in itself, ready to captivate any observer.
🔗 Mounting: Prepared with a robust hook at the back, ensuring effortless wall display or table placement.

Delve into the Heart of Mayan Wisdom:
Step back into an epoch where the Mayan calendar was not just a tool but a sophisticated life compass. A testament to their deep understanding of astral cycles and time, this calendar stood as the pinnacle of their cultural and spiritual achievements.

Artisan’s Note:
It’s essential to appreciate the uniqueness of each sculpture. Crafted by hand, every piece has its own distinct charm, with minor variations in patterns that make it genuinely one of a kind.

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