🔸Eternal Mayan Epochs: A Portal to Time🔸

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Materials: Medium: Wood
Width: 15.74 inches
Height: 15.74 inches

Unraveling the Mysteries of Time: Presenting a decorative wall art that encapsulates the essence of the Mayan civilization, embodying their intricate understanding of the cosmos.
Treasure of Mesoamerica: A Chronicle of Days and Nights
Key Features:
🌳 Material: Each piece is diligently hand-carved from the fragrant Red Cedar, reflecting tales of ancient wisdom.
🔍 Design: Impeccable 3D Wood Carving, shaped with precision by seasoned Mexican artisans, channeling the spirit of the Mayan age.
📏 Dimensions: With a 15.74” diameter, this artwork is bound to mesmerize and ignite conversations.
🔗 Mounting: A robust hook at the back ensures easy wall display or an elegant presence on a table.
Journey to the Mayan Realm:
Venture into a time where calendars were not mere date trackers but profound cosmic observatories. The Mayan calendar, with its unparalleled intricacy, stood at the very heart of their culture, showcasing their astronomical prowess and spiritual depths.
Artisan’s Remark:
As with all handcrafted masterpieces, each piece is a unique story. While the essence remains consistent, expect minor variations in patterns, lending each artwork its own distinct charm.
Seeking a personalized touch? Collaborate directly with our skilled craftsmen. Let’s bring your vision to life, ensuring your artwork is a perfect reflection of your essence.

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