🎨 5 Mini Alebrijes - Vibrant, Hand-Carved Figurines, Mexican Folk Art 🇲🇽

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Materials: Medium: Wood

🎉 Unleash the magic of Mexican folklore with our set of 5 miniature Alebrije sculptures! 🎭

In this set, you’ll find:

🐂 A Mighty Bull, 🐇 A Quirky Rabbit, 🐕 A Loyal Dog, 🐈 A Cunning Cat, and 🐦 A Chirpy Bird.

Product Details:

  • 🇲🇽 Authentic Mexican Craftsmanship: Born in Oaxaca, lovingly handcrafted by native indigenous artisans.
  • 🪵 Quality Material: Sculpted from copal wood, known for its durability and seamless finish.
  • 🎨 Artistry: Each figurine is meticulously hand-painted, making every piece a unique work of art.
  • 📏 Size: Each figurine stands approximately 2 inches tall (slight variations in size are part of their charm).

⚠️ Heads up: Your purchase includes the set of 5 mini Alebrijes only.

Alebrijes are the soul of Mexican folk art, a window into the heart of our vibrant culture. Known locally as Nahuatkzosquit, these fantastical creatures are a wild mix of different animals, hand-carved from copal wood and painted in a riot of colors. They represent the innovative and creative spirit of Oaxaca, where this ancient tradition was born.

These magical figures, surreal and captivating, are celebrated for their originality and extravagance. This set of Alebrijes makes the perfect addition to your home decor, infusing it with a dash of Mexican charm and whimsy. 🏠🌈

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