🌽🎭 Zenteotl Mask: Ode to the Maize Deity, Symbol of Life and Fertility 🎭🌽

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Materials: clay

🍂 “Zenteotl Mask, Lord Of The Cobs” – Celebrate Life’s Bounty 🍂

Material: Authentic Clay 🌍
Size: 8” wide, 9” tall 📏
🔔 Unique Feature: Equipped with holes for easy wall mounting 🔔

Zenteotl, the deity of maize in Mesoamerican culture, represents sustenance, transformation, and life’s ever-renewing cycle. Embodying the reverence ancient civilizations held for this life-giving grain, the mask serves as a window into the past. Its handcrafted detail makes it more than a decorative piece – it’s a historical narrative. 🌽🍃


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🍂 Dive into the world of Ancestral Maya. Each artifact we offer is a time capsule – meticulously crafted, telling tales of rituals, deities, and the rich tapestry of the Maya civilization. These timeless sculptures stand as emblems of the ancient world, beckoning with their history and artistry. They seamlessly blend with contemporary aesthetics, adding layers of depth and conversations to living spaces.

Supporting Ancestral Mayan Treasures on Etsy means more than just owning an artifact. You’re preserving legacies, empowering artisans, and enriching your space with a piece of history. Let these sculpted tales from days of yore bring life, stories, and the spirit of the Maya to your home.

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