🌟 Mayan Heritage: A Game Beyond Time 🌟

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Materials: Wood
Width: 13.77 inches
Height: 27.55 inches

Craftsmanship Meets History: Dive deep into the rich tapestry of Mayan civilization with a hand-carved tableau capturing its sports and divinity.

“A Mayan Chronicle – Ball Game and Quetzalcoatl”

🔸 Features:

  • Artistic Materialization: Exquisite 3D Wood Carving brought to life by seasoned Mexican artisans.
  • Authentic Source: Carved from the aromatic Red Cedar Wood, radiating a touch of nature and antiquity.
  • Dimensions: A notable 27.55” length x 13.77” height, perfect for both wall and table displays.
  • Finish: Coated in a protective varnish layer to preserve its allure over time.
  • Display-Ready: Fitted with a hook at the back, ensuring a hassle-free hanging experience.

🔸 The Tale Behind the Art:

This art piece is an homage to the celebrated ball game, “Pokolpok”, cherished by the Mayans. Recognized as one of the world’s primordial team sports and often deemed a precursor to soccer, the game entailed two teams battling it out to guide a rubber ball through hoops. Intriguingly, the ball wasn’t just any regular one; it was crafted from the sap of a tree which was then fashioned into rubber. A game of skill, players could only use their hips, shoulders, and elbows to maneuver the ball.

Framing this intricate portrayal is the legendary Quetzalcoatl, an emblem of health and prosperity, alongside the enigmatic Mayan calendar.

🔸 Special Note:

Every carving comes with its own tale and unique design, owing to its handmade nature. Slight variations are a testament to its handcrafted charm.

📦 Care & Support:

  • Customize Your Order: We cater to special requests and customizations.
  • Package Assurance: Each artwork is packed with the utmost care, ensuring it reaches you in pristine condition.
  • Quick Queries: Our team is always ready to help. Anticipate a swift and friendly response to all your questions!

Embrace a world lost in time but immortalized in art, as you delve into the world of the Mayans through this stunning wood carving.

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