🌟 Handmade Resin Chess Set, LARGE 16.53" x 16.53", Aztec vs Spanish Design, Red and White 🌟

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Materials: pino wood, resin

This impressive chess set tells a story of history and mythology through its exquisite design. Featuring a struggle of Aztecs versus Spanish, the handmade pieces and board, crafted by talented Mexican artisans, offer not just a game, but also a stunning piece of home decoration.

Design Details:
At the center of the board is the “Stone of the Sun,” also known as the “Aztec Calendar.” The edges of the board mimic the architecture of the sacred temples of pre-Hispanic cultures, paying special tribute to the Aztec. Eight heads of QuetzalcΓ³atl (the Feathered Serpent deity) and four faces of Tlaloc (the God of Rain) sit atop the board, representing key figures of the Aztec pantheon.

πŸ”Έ Theme: Aztec chess set
πŸ”΅ Colors: Red and White
⛏️ Materials: Resin with malachite and alabaster, assembled with pine wood
πŸ“ Board Dimensions: 16.53″ x 16.53″

Piece Dimensions:

Horse: 4.72″
Rook: 4.21″
Bishops: 5.31″
Pawns: 4.64″
Queen: 5.82″
King: 6.33″
What’s Included:
🎲 32 individually crafted pieces
πŸ”² 1 themed chess board

❗ Please Note: The pieces do NOT have felt on the bottom.

Additional Information:
πŸ’» Colors may vary slightly due to monitor settings.
πŸ“¦ The board and pieces will be shipped in a secure, well-protected package.
πŸ”¨ All pieces and the board are hand-carved, meaning there may be minor differences and irregularities from one piece to another.
πŸ›οΈ If you want just the chess pieces or the chess board, or even some individual pieces, we can accommodate that as well.

You’re sure to love these designs, meticulously crafted with passion, from Mexico to the world πŸ’•

Ordering and Shipping:
βœ… We’ll carefully pack your order.
βœ… Product will be shipped in a secure box.
βœ… Express shipping is available for an additional charge – please inquire.
βœ… This chess set can be sent with a special dedication.

For any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. We usually respond in less than an hour. Your satisfaction is our top priority! πŸ˜€

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