🌞🗿Aztec Mask | Teotihuacan Funerary Mosaic Mask | Mexican Cultural Artifacts🗿🌞

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Materials: Medium: Stone
Width: 6.29 inches
Height: 8.26 inches

Step into the rich tapestry of Mexican history with this exceptional 🗿 “Aztec Teotihuacan Funerary Mask”. A testament to skilled artisan craftsmanship, this mask brings a slice of the ancient world to your living space.

✨Item Specifications✨

  • Material: Crafted from Onyx, Marble, Slate, or Calcite
  • Dimensions: Stands 8.26” tall and spans 6.29” wide

To create this captivating Aztec figure, a range of stone fragments are meticulously assembled into a mosaic mask. Each piece is hand-carved by talented Mexican artisans, presented on a rectangular obsidian base. Despite its complex design, the mask is lightweight and stable on a smooth surface, preventing any wobbling.

These masks play a significant role in pre-Hispanic Mexican culture, often seen as companions for the journey to the afterlife. The stone mask, often accompanied by jade, malachite, and obsidian ornaments, served as a funerary artifact, laid with those resting in sacred precincts.

Add a touch of mystique to your home with this Teotihuacan mask. It’s more than just a decor item – it’s a conversation starter.

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