🌍 Prehispanic Perpetual Calendar - A Mayan Masterpiece

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Materials: wood
Width: 11.81 inches
Height: 13.77 inches

Delve into the heart of Mesoamerica with this exquisitely crafted painting, inspired by the perpetual beauty of Mayan art and calendar. Perfectly suitable for both wall and tabletop displays.


🖼️ Inspiration: Mayan art, Mayan calendar, and the timeless concept of the perpetual calendar.
🪓 Craftsmanship: Intricately hand-carved by renowned Mexican artisans.
🔍 Design: 3D wood carving that brings history to life.
🌲 Material: Premium Red Cedar.
📐 Dimensions: 13.77” H x 11.81” W x 4.72” D.
🖼️ Mounting: A sturdy hook at the back ensures effortless wall display.
Owing to its handcrafted nature, slight variations in patterns might grace each piece, adding a touch of uniqueness.

Deep Dive:
The Mayan calendar isn’t just a measure of time; it stands as a symbol of the astronomical genius and profound cultural essence of ancient Mesoamerica. A testament to the unparalleled sophistication of Mayan artistry.

Looking for a touch of personal flair? Reach out and collaborate with our artisans to tailor this masterpiece to your liking.

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