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Materials: Stone
Width: 5 inches
Height: 10 inche

⚙️**Product Details:**⚙️

🔹 Material: Luxurious Onyx

🔹 Color: White

🔹 Dimensions: Height 10″, Width 5”

🔹 Cord Length: 31″

Light up your space with our stunning Angel Night Light, meticulously carved from onyx. This enchanting lamp’s translucence beautifully showcases the stone’s natural colors, especially when illuminated in the dark.💡🌃

Elegant and modern in design, this gemstone lamp will seamlessly blend into any decor, enhancing its aesthetics. The mesmerizing glow of the onyx stone promotes an ambiance of relaxation and tranquility, perfect for unwinding after a long day.😌💖

📝**Important Note:**📝

  • Each piece’s color might slightly differ from the images as every piece is unique.
  • The base of the lamp is uncovered as shown in the pictures.
  • The lamp does not have an on/off switch. Simply plug it in to light it up.

📦**Packaging & Delivery:**📦

All our fragile items are meticulously packed with special materials to ensure their safe arrival. If there are any issues with your package, please contact us immediately, and we’ll strive to resolve it promptly.

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