Bunny planter for Flowers, Cactus and Succulent Plants, Rabbit Planter


Hand Made



Bunny planter – Flowerpot – Rustic planter – Modern succulent pot – Log planter – Rabbit planter

Innovative pots made up of different elements such as art, nature and culture, all wrapped up in a fantastic theme, which generates awareness and respect for our environment, as well as promoting the projection of the ancestral cultures of our country Mexico, By Plagora

Our products are completely Mexican, handmade, sustainable, of great quality and accessibility, driven by the best intention of creating a better world.

* Resin material with calcium carbonate
* Hand painted with acrylic paints
* Dimensions of 3.54” Height x 3.14” Width
* Pots for outdoor or indoor


Order carefully, we will pack
Express shipping is available for an additional charge, please ask
You can send this with a special dedication
It can be sent with a special wrapping as a gift (warn)

Any questions please do not hesitate, we usually respond in less than an hour 😀


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