🎨 5 Mini Alebrijes – Detailed Mexican Folk Art Sculptures, Hand-Carved Wooden Figurines


Materials: Medium: Wood

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Step into the magical world of Mexican Folk Art with our set of 5 Mini Alebrijes – intricate wooden figurines meticulously carved by hand! 🎉

“ 5 Mini Alebrije Mexican art “ Set includes:

1 Bull 🐂

1 Jaguar 🐆

1 Dog 🐕

1 Cat 🐈

1 Bird 🐦

Product Details:

  • 🇲🇽 Truly Mexican: These Alebrijes are made in Oaxaca by native indigenous artisans.
  • 🪵 Material: Crafted from copal wood.
  • 🎨 Artistry: Each piece is hand-carved and painted, making them truly unique.
  • 📏 Measurements: Each alebrije is approximately 2 inches in size.

Please note: This purchase includes only the 5 mini alebrijes.

ALEBRIJES, also known as Nahuatkzosquit, are a type of Mexican handicraft. These vibrant creations are carved from copal wood and painted with bright, cheerful colors. Alebrijes are fantastical creatures, combining elements from different animals to form amazing beings, both real and imaginary.

Alebrijes embody the creative soul and innovative spirit of Oaxaca, Mexico, where this ancestral tradition originated. Their unreal and magical qualities make them some of the most captivating and valued pieces of art in the Aztec country.

These mini alebrijes make ideal Mexican decorations, adding a dash of color and whimsy to any space! 🏡🎨

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