Ceramic Coffee and Tea Sets

Mexico Handmade

Ceramics and pottery in Mexico have their roots in the pre-Columbian period, with the first cultures and civilizations of Mesoamerica. With some exceptions, the pre-Hispanic vessels were not glazed, but polished and painted with slips. The potter’s wheel was unknown; the pieces were made by means of molds, columbin and other methods.

Mexico has a number of famous ceramic artisan traditions, most of which are found in the center and south of the country. Some examples are the talavera from Puebla, the majolica from Guanajuato, the different vessels from the Guadalajara area, and the black clay from Oaxaca. A more recent one is the production of pottery vessels and bowls from Mata Ortiz in Chihuahua.

Although the number of artisans has been declining due to competition from mass-produced articles, the making of popular and consumer art still has an important role in the Mexican economy and the production of ceramics in general continues to be important for Mexican culture.

Although crockery or earthenware can be found in markets and supermarkets, most are polished with enamels that contain lead and are harmful to health.


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