Catrinas Sculptures

“The colors of death, the catrinas”
An example of this tradition is Capula, a place that is synonymous with catrina. The place where it takes its colors and the smile that it gives to each visitor, being the symbol of this potter town on the Don Vasco Route. Don Juan Torres, a famous international artist, was in charge of putting Capula on the map. He created the first figures of this charming tradition. Over the years and thanks to the mastery of his creations, the Catrinas of Capula achieved a higher status throughout the region and the country.

Today, these cute figurines are made in hundreds of small family workshops. Each craftsman puts his personal stamp and style on each work to extend the tradition to other corners. The creation of the calaca in clay arose in the 70s, when the Michoacan artisan Juan Torres decided to give life to the character of Posada, which Diego Rivera also made famous, becoming his famous piece and which was learned by more artisans from Capula . Today almost the entire artisan population here makes them with their own stamp.


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